A new fictional series from author Douglas Ray Williams that follows three friends as they try to live their lives. Join Doug, Olivia, and Chelsea as they run their bar and try to keep their lives normal in Lexington, KY.

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Number of Episodes


Release Date
Douglas Ray Williams' The V.I.P room: The Complete FIRST Season.       22 TBA

Season OneEdit

Douglas Ray Williams' The V.I.P room: The Complete FIRST Season begin production November 30th, 2006, whilst the author was only in 8th grade. He has continued to write the manuscripts.
Season 1

from Left to Right: Chelsea, Doug, Olivia


Three friends (Doug Stern, Olivia Krause, and Chelsea Star) open a night club (The V.I.P room) together in Lexington, Kentucky. As the story progresses new friendships unfold and new foes are revealed, and the friends discover they may have met their match as what starts out attempted murder grows into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. 

Episode (Chapter) List
Episode 01: Pilot.
Episode 02: The V.I.P room's Opening.
Episode 03: Save the Last Dollar.
Episode 04: Money! Money! Money!
Episode 05: Reunion.
Episode 06: Dude! Where Are My Friends?
Episode 07: Crazy Crain.
Episode 08: Scary Stories on Halloween.
Episode 09: Love Potion for Six.
Episode 10: Whistle While You Search.
Episode 11: We're Off to See the Future.
Episode 12: Whatever Happend to Mama Margaret?
Episode 13: Savor the Moment.
Episode 14: Party Man.

Episode 15: Rockin' Mockin'.

Episode 16: Secrets Unfold.

Episode 17: Psycho Voodoo.

Episode 18: Minor Interruptions.
Episode 19: Deadly Game Drawing to THE END.
Episode 20: Darla Clause.
Episode 21: Terror on Apricot St. Part. 1
Episode 22: Terror on Apricot St. Part. 2

Regular Cast:

Doug Stern

Olivia Krause

Chelsea Star

Reoccurring Cast:

Jake Dairens

Allyson Johnson

Danielle Morris

Dr. Leroy

John Stern

Mark Stern

Margaret Star

Monkey Rodreguiz

Eric Conner


Looking Back On: Season One- An interview with the shows three main stars.